Wednesday, October 23, 2013

STUCKERS RESTO: Refreshing Pastels!

Thanks much to social media (well, mostly Facebook) that I get to discover places that are unique, have refreshing themes, and that I can fall in love with. Stuckers Resto in Mandurriao is definitely in my list.

Ain't the birds cute? ^_^

 Aside from the big burger, what made me try out this place was the charming colors of pastel and the birds I saw in one of the pictures as I surfed the internet for information. It was a refreshing look to the eyes, and after we had Italian-style flavors in Caffe Itallianni we then head out to Stuckers Resto. And it was such a charming resto! Read on for our experience one Sunday afternoon.

Of course, first things first. We ordered the big burger which comes with one serve of unlimited iced tea. The burger does not seem that big in this picture, but it is good for 2-4 persons and it is served in a big palanggana ^_^. The flavor was not that extraordinary and I have to smudge some ketchup in it, but it's filling enough ^_^.

Blue Lagoon. Love the pastel :)

  And because we thought that the unlimited iced tea comes in a regular-sized glass, we ordered the Blue Lagoon which is a mixture of different kinds of fruit juices with slices of cucumber and oranges. And the color also jives with the pastel-theme of the place! But we were amazed when our drinks were served. The iced tea came in a big cup, as big as a pitcher. Haha!

The nachos was fun, too!

Although the Mexican music and food does not jive with the quaintness of the pastels I thought the experience in Stuckers Resto was indeed a refreshingly new experience that it's worth another visit to try what they have to offer. And the place can be jam-packed at times, a testament that their food is good, and the owner was so accommodating and makes sure that your dining experience is a pleasant one.


The starred are their best offerings

Young Arcade Bldg., 
Mandurriao Plaza, Iloilo City
(near Mandurriao Catholic Church)
for delivery within Mandurriao area, call them at (033) 393-1353
Operating Hours: 9:30am-9:30pm, Mon-Sun
Like their official Facebook page here

From Stuckers official Facebook page


  1. This resto is just one ride to where I reside presently. I really hope to try their burger here really soon. It looks yummy! I wonder if they still offer that unlimited ice tea.

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